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Kessel-Lo (I think…)

December 6, 2007

A weekend or two ago, Boy borrowed a camera from his friends, grabbed his bike and took pictures as he rode from our future apartment to the Leuven train station.

(wow. just used the words ‘our,’ ‘future,’ and ‘apartment’ in the same sentence. who knew I’d say that before the age of 50…)

Anyways. Being the lovely person that he is, he sent me these pics. As my last few posts have been decidedly dull, I thought I would post a few…

Here’s the apartment. It’s located in Kessel-Lo (I think?). See the cute little cars? I believe I’m getting one about half the size of the silver one.

This is the park behind the apartment. Doesn’t it just scream “You need a dog to play fetch with?” I think so.:

 Apparently this shop is a short walk from the Apt. This is going to be so very dangerous. I’m not sure why Boyfriend showed it to me.

Below is the ‘Turn onto the Ring.’ I’m not entirely sure what that means. I’m going to pretend it’s code for something v. cool. Either way, I’m amused by the little cars.  Can’t wait to get back into a Bug-sized vehicle. 

Square that either includes the train station or is in close proximity to the train station. Regardless, Greyhound and the RTA could learn a thing or two about design.

A few  bikes at the train station:

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