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‘Super Duper Tuesday Party’… in Brussels?

February 5, 2008

Maybe it’s just me, but I find the following flyer (sent to one of the other Americans in my department from a member of the ‘British Conservative Party of Belgium’) amusing:

Super Duper Tuesday Party 

After spending the last week watching nothing but CNN International and BBC World News in the mornings (they are the ONLY two shows on in English), I shouldn’t be surprised that people here are getting together to watch the results of ‘Super Tuesday.’ At least a 1/5 of the hour’s programming on each broadcast is devoted to American politics. Whether it’s profiles of the candidates or stories about the issues of each campaign, the amount of coverage is astounding. On Monday, the Super Bowl got 12 seconds. 2 Mayors from California got at least 5 min each. And yet – it still amazes me that there is such interest in American politics. For all the talk of the U.S. losing their hegemonic status, people here strongly believe that whatever happens back home is going to have an impact here. Whether they are right or wrong, I find the whole thing fascinating.


I think I’m going to go to this event… see what the International community & the other Expats in Brussels have to say about the potential Candidates. And just what the ‘British Conservative Party of Belgium’ entails.

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