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New Routine

February 13, 2008

Some people are creatures of habit. To succesfully navigate the day, they must follow a specific set of routines. Otherwise, they panic.

I used to be convinced I was not one of those people. I’m so ‘go with the flow,’ I adjust to changes without any problems. Who needs a routine?


Turns out there were a few things I needed to do each day to survive. And the fact that I can’t do them here is proving quite the challenge.

So. I thought I’d share one of the things i’m struggling to do without…

1. I need coffee to drive.  

Back home, I would wake up every morning to a pot of coffee brewed specially for me. No, seriously. My mom would get up when my dad & I did and brew a pot of Decaf for him and a pot of regular for me. I would drink a cup or so while getting ready in the morning and eating my breakfast (often an egg or omelette that mom would make… no, I have no idea why I left such a wonderful setup). Then. I would take a mug to go and that would get me through my morning commute.

This routine should be easy to adopt her in Belgium. Yeah. Except that I forgot my travel mug. And you can’t purchase one here. They don’t have them. They have funny little metal thermoses used for soup that cost over $20 but that’s as close as you can get. And they don’t have Starbucks. Or Caribou. Or any other American-style coffee shop. In the entire country. It’s just not part of the culture. They do not do LARGE coffee and they most certainly do not do it ‘To Go.’

So. My morning commute through ridiculous streets with insane drivers must be done without the aid of a warm, caffeinated beverage. It’s awful.

I try to compensate by making myself a pot of coffee every morning (I’m on my 3rd bag of coffee – I buy it almost as much as I buy pasta) but there is only so much I can physically drink before getting in my car. And no matter what I try, my belly is left cold and uncaffeinated after about 15 minutes.

If boyfriend doesn’t bring a travel mug with him we are breaking up.


P.S. Since I’m still too irritated by the loss of my last post to rewrite my weekend recap, I’ll just say that I managed to achieve 8/10 of my goals. Everything but the trip to Coook & Book (doing that this Saturday) and the learning of the road signs (doing that sometime in the next 3 years). My spoils of the weekend include a hair curling/straightening device, Nutella (which I believe has protein in it),  a devastatingly delicious waffle and a non-towed car. All in all, it was a sucessful weekend!

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  1. Meg permalink
    February 14, 2008 5:28 pm

    Email me your address! Unless it costs more than my rent I’ll mail you one…or at least some fun snail mail 🙂

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