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Happy Hallmark Day!

February 14, 2008

Like many of my disillusioned peers, I don’t really buy into the whole Valentine’s Day thing. It’s a holiday backed by Hallmark that puts unneeded pressure on otherwise functional relationships and leaves those that are single feeling badly about their romantic status.

ha. that’s BS. I heart Valentine’s Day.

Admittedly, it’s for completely ridiculous reasons… 

– I love having an excuse to wear pink. (Now that I am no longer an an active member of Phi Mu, pink is surprisingly difficult to incorporate into a wardrobe.)

– You have a free pass to eat sweets & desserts all day long.  (for lunch I had 2 Carte D’ Or Banana Cream filled chocolate bars and a belgian waffle… my pants may be a bit tight, but it was worth it…)

– No matter what your status is, V’Day typically involves a delicious dinner. When you are in a relationship, you go somewhere that means something special to the both of you. If you aren’t in a relationship, you go out with your girlfriends and gossip about how much guys suck. No matter what, the only thing better than the dinner itself is the company.

– I love that boyfriend has to take time out of his day to tell me how wonderful I am.  Sometimes, if Hallmark has spent it’s advertising dollars wisely, he is even pressured into buying a card and putting in writing howI am the sunshine in his life and the apple of his eye. (In my cards, I try to use as many ‘awesomely bad love song’ lyrics as I  can…)

– Finally, (and this one is actually somewhat serious) I like that you & your ‘plus one’ are encouraged to spend quality time together. He has to put down the video game controller. You have to back away from the computer. You have to sit with each other and eat a meal (either at a restaurant or perhaps your favorite chinese takeout) and talk to one another. I think that’s nice.

So. There you have it. I’m one of the few Valentine’s Day supporters of my generation.

If anyone is curious, in keeping with mine & boyfriend’s own special V-Day tradition, we will be spending the evening in different area codes (well, continents really). He’s in Michigan and I’m in Belgium. If we tried to meet halfway for dinner, I think it would leave us somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

I say ‘keeping with tradition’ because of the 5 Valentine’s Days that have passed since we started dating, only 2 of them have ever been spent together.

Year 1: Together. Went to Olive Garden with all my friends & their dates and then watched ‘This is Spinal Tap’ while most of my friends & their dates fought.

Year 2: Separate continents. I was in England he was in Cleveland. He sent me a lovely ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ IM.

Year 3: Together. Went to the old Lola’s (back when it was in Treemont) and had a great dinner & dessert & bottle of wine. A pretty nice night all around.

Year 4: Separate cities. He got snowed-in in Cleveland and I got snowed-in/contracted food poisoning in Podunk, Ohio. Not such a nice night. 

This year: Separate continents. I’m going to treat myself to some nutella & banana crepes. I believe boyfriend bought himself a snickers. I’m sure a good time will be had by both of us.

He promised to call. And I made him a card, complete with the lyrics from “My Heart Will Go On…”

“Near, far, wherever you are, you know that my heart will go on…”


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  1. Meg permalink
    February 14, 2008 5:27 pm

    Aww Britt that’s so cute! My mom sent me a little Vday package in the mail full of candy…by last night I already finished the Reese’s hearts, a bag of conversation sweethearts, and the Twizzlers…I got it Monday night 🙂 Miss you!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

  2. February 14, 2008 10:19 pm

    I think the olive garden was the last valentines day I celebrated valentines day (that made me laugh). I second valentines day as being “good”. Plus, neices and nephews are always great family valentines =) Come to Columbus this weekend (wishful thinking…). “Bonne Chance” learning the roads. Miss ya b.

    P.S. send me your address

  3. Janna permalink
    February 18, 2008 12:20 pm

    Brit, your posts all make me laugh…a lot. This one made me almost cry. 🙂 Hope your valentines day was fantastic (nutella makes everything better). And, when you think about it and are unhappy, just remember, I spent valentines day in new york city getting hit on by bums. So, it can always get worse 🙂 Miss you!

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