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Tom Tom!!

February 19, 2008

Against all odds and the gods of ‘let’s put a little irony in Britt’s life,’ my GPS did not get lost! It arrived – in one piece – in my little cubbyhole!

As one might have guessed from my earlier entries, the importance of a GPS system in Brussels (and Europe in general) can not be understated.  My inherent incompetence when it comes to all things navigation-related compounded by truly ridiculous roads has led to a minimum of 3 hours per week of my driving around the city lost.

At first, these directional setbacks were amusing:

“You’re at St. Christopher’s? I’M at St. Christopher’s. Wait – there are TWO St. Christopher’s?! What street is yours on? I thought I was on that street. Oh. Louis Hapstraat is different than Louis Schmidt.”

“I was trying to find the bank but instead of I’ve ended up in front of a big building with pillars. I think it’s the palace…”

(The Palais Royal in Brussels… my favorite spot to turn around when I’m lost. We see each other daily.) 

However, the  novelty of getting lost and finding myself at a castle by mistake was starting to wear off. Sometimes you just want to arrive at your destination. On time.

Hopefully my Tom Tom will help me do just that!

Apparently Amsterdam is less than 2 hours away by car. Perhaps I will check out the Nine Streets with some help from Tom…

(p.s. thank you to dad for ordering it online after my first nervous breakdown and to mom for spending an hour at the post office figuring out how to ship it & insure it & then tracking it online when 13 days had passed and i was convinced it was lost… keep this up and I’ll send you chocolate!)

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  1. Janna permalink
    February 19, 2008 8:54 pm

    Congrats! I hope you won’t miss the palace too much, I’m sure it will miss you desperately. Just like me and Ohio miss you! mwah!

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