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Come hang out with me & Colin Farrell in the “Venice of the North”

February 26, 2008


from the WSJ:

Canals to Waffles, Bruges Waits for You

February 26, 2008; Page D4

For travelers fond of quaint and quiet Northern European cities, of scenic canals, local beer and waffles aplenty, one need look no further than Bruges, the medieval Belgian city known as “the Venice of the north” that is featured in the new Colin Farrell film “In Bruges.”

The Hotel Heritage in Bruges is offering a package that includes one to four nights in the four-star hotel, a champagne breakfast buffet each morning, a boat trip on the canals, a horse-drawn carriage trip through the city center, a visit to local brewery Halve Maan ( and more.

Prices start at $176 per night Monday through Thursday and $188 per night Friday through Sunday. Offer is available until June 30. Visit



Go see the movie, “In Bruges”.

Think “Wow. What a beautiful place. And such a good deal. If only I knew someone who lived near there…”

Remember that I live less than 45 minutes from Bruges.

Then… come visit me in the “Venice of the North!”

 Oh, and tell me how the movie is since it hasn’t been released yet here…

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