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Don’t be offended

February 27, 2008

 I caught onto this site a few weeks ago when it started showing up on the wordpress homepage under ‘hawt post.’ Even though words like ‘hawt’ make me shudder involuntarily, I was intrigued by the entry entitled “#1 Coffee.”

“I LOVE coffee. Who is writing about coffee? I be I’ll like this site…”

And I do! I mean, I realize some people will be offended. But the author (who it seems is white) is clearly making fun of themselves and their friends. I don’t know. I guess I relate to way too many of the posts to find anything wrong with it…

As a sidenote (because what’s a post from me without a sidenote?), many of these don’t apply to white people in Belgium. They aren’t into sushi, public radio, the Sunday times, indie music or coffee. But oh, how I wish they were…

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