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The Moment of Truth

February 28, 2008

No more pacing out the living room floor.

Or counting the tiles in the bedrooms.

Or trying to visualize the queen size bed and the dresser and the two nightstands and the desk AND the mirror fitting in the master bedroom.

Tomorrow is the moment of truth: will it all fit or won’t it?

ha. i suppose i’m being a bit melodramatic but tomorrow is kind of huge for me.

at 9:00am a man named ‘Veerle’ (don’t know if that’s a first name or a last name….) will be arriving at my apartment in Kessel-Lo with all of my stuff – my couch, chairs, dining room table, clothes, shoes, towels, *pictures*, pots, pans, *coffee mugs*, kluski noodles…

While I am far more excited about this event than I should be I am also apprehensive – what if the movers hoist my dressers and mattresses and desks in through the 3rd story window and only half of the pieces fit? Then what will I do? Have them toss the stuff back out the window? Take them down to the garage? Perhaps balance the nightstands on top of the dressers for the next 3 years?


I really hope it all fits – and arrives in one piece!

I will report back (for real this time) on Monday as to the state of the apartment, all of my earthly belongings and whether or not I will be holding a garage sale this Spring…

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  1. Janna permalink
    February 28, 2008 7:25 pm

    Yea!! Hopefully it will all fit and make you feel more at home 🙂 Miss you Love you!

  2. February 29, 2008 9:42 am

    Calm down…it is moments like this that make life interesting. Remember, Lou will be there shortly and that apartment is simply the departure point for the two of you to explore the amazing sites around you. Go get a chocolate, banana waffle and put things in perspective.

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