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Could be a good week…

March 10, 2008

I have nothing to report on the weekend. I logged 20 hours in the office staring at the computer screen and trying to get the numbers to do what I wanted by sheer force of will. 

Not surprisingly, it didn’t go well.

However, this week has the potential to make up for my lost weekend. And then some.

I believe:

-My Ikea furniture will be assembled.

-My fridge will be stocked with something other than butter, soy sauce and A-1. (disclaimer: the sad state of my fridge is totally not my fault. the grocery store closed before I got home from work the past 9 consecutive days.)

– The heavy boxes that need to go into storage will be moved from the middle of my living room and bedroom to the basement.

– Special “Leuven” garbage bags will be purchased and the garbage that has accumulated over the past 2 weeks will be removed.

– I will go OUT for dinner. (Note: this is huge since I’ve only been out to dinner once my entire time here – and that was the day I arrived.)

– I will not spend each night alone in my apartment watching Heroes episodes on my computer.

– My bike’s tires will be filled with air and I will be shown around the town.

– I will not check the locks on my door every time I hear strange techno music or barking from the apartment next door. (where no dogs reside)

and last, but certainly not least…

– I will take coffee to work in the car every morning!

What led me to these predictions? Well…

Boyfriend arrived this morning!

Here’s hoping he is equally excited about the week’s events…   

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