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Just Your Run of the Mill Bliss

March 17, 2008
So THAT’s why I came.
My weekend highlight reel includes slightly senile old men, stale bagels, crowded parking lots, burnt bread, spilled wine and terrible movies.
To a bystander, it would be considered wholly unremarkable.
To me, it was bliss.
Actually. The whole week was pretty perfect.
I’m not sure I’m capable of recounting all of the events in under 47,000 words, so I’ll just pick out my favoritest bits from the past 7 days:


Tuesday: See the yellow building to the immediate right of the giant castle-like structure? THAT’s where Boyfriend and I  dined on Tuesday night.

Although the restaurant looked tres inviting from the outside (especially at night when the square is lit and it hits you – ‘this is Europe’) I must admit I was skeptical. How good can a restaurant really be when it’s right next to the main attraction in town? Um, tourist trap anyone? However, Boyfriend assured me that this was not that kind of place. Instead, it’s something of a favorite among the college kids and locals for it’s quick service (and not just by Belgian standards), large menu, good food, reasonable prices and wonderful old world atmosphere.  He was accurate on all accounts.

My entree (Tagliatelle with Salmon & Mushrooms) was delicious and as we sat and enjoyed our Leffe Blondes after dinner, I couldn’t help but feel giddy (and no, it was not from the Leffes) as I surveyed the packed room – this was what I had been waiting for. Good food. Great atmosphere. A perfect view of a building that dates to the mid 15th century. And the company wasn’t half bad either.

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