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April 3, 2008

have blocked my access to wordpress at work and with no internet at home, my ability to post this week has been limited.  sweet. So, sorry to my many readers (all four of you) for the lack of updates. i promise to be more consistent once i actually get internet set up at home (whenever that will be)

as a teaser, here’s what’s coming in the next few posts:

– tales of my domestic prowess that include burning the copper off of a pot, adding salt to coffee, throwing bread and bananas out of the window, my crash course in the use of bleach and getting my garbage rejected by the authorities.

– mine & BF’s daytrip to Amsterdam over the Easter weekend and our run in with the Foreign Service, a Brooklyn-based inflight travel magazine writer that covers the Midwest (if you’ve flown from Indianapolis to Cleveland you’ve probably read his stuff. just one of the bonuses of flying that *fabulous* route.) and the police (who actually came into our apartment and sat at our table for over an hour).

– Whether or not the BF and I love Paris in the Springtime

– Reviews of our dining experiences in Leuven & Brussels

– My list of ‘must see’ destinations

Since there is nothing all that interesting to read here, perhaps you will enjoy the stories and websites below (with the firewalls blocking my usual sites, these are the best of what I can access. granted. that’s not saying much when 99% of the open sites are related to the internal revenue code)…

– From another great travel site (they are my latest online obsession) called Vagabondish (I love this one because it’s informative, witty and involves the far too underused word ‘Vagabond’), here’s a list of some pretty spectacular hotels.

– With the dollar still refusing to buck up against the Euro and the financial markets still, uh, having a bit of a bad spell, it seems that every time I check the business section, I’m met with more stories of gloom and doom. One exception to this trend is the news that the Open Skies Agreement went into effect on March 30th. Here’s hoping it means flights back home will get cheaper for me (and those who want to visit me!) over the next 3 years.

– If you are half as addicted to coffee as I am, you might appreciate this story as much as I do.  According to a study for the Journal of Neuroinflammation, “coffee may cut the risk of dementia by blocking the damage cholesterol can inflict on the body” [courtesy of the BBC].  If one cup of coffee per day is good for rabbits, 2 pots a day for humans must be great. Right?

I like adding pics to posts, so here’s a few from our trip to Amsterdam:

(an old windmill on the road to Amsterdam. note the beautiful weather.)

(modern windmills on the road to Amsterdam. like i said, the weather was lovely.)

(we ended the day with a few Heineken’s at the Grasshopper. i.e. the building in green.)


(thankfully we were driving and not biking home through the snow.)

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