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So THAT’s what all the fuss is about.

April 11, 2008

Paris was, in a word, breathtaking.

Note that I did not go into this all starry-eyed. I’d been to the famed city twice before and ranked it at the bottom of my list of ‘favorite European cities.’ (granted, many extenuating circumstances contributed to this assesment, none of which were Paris’ fault)  Thus, I was completely prepared to have an average weekend in a city that was overly touristy, crowded, plagued by crap weather, expensive and, well, French.  I joke that we only went so I could work on my French but, in reality, the main impetus for the trip was a Christmas gift to Lou.

[‘Christmas in April?’, you ask? ‘That’s late, even for YOU,’ you might say. Well, my original present to him was a ski trip to Innsbruck, Austria. I even got him an Austria travel guide and everything. Unfortunately, his extended stay in the US and our work schedules made anything other than a weekend trip impossible in March/April. Since such an excursion deserves at least 5 days we settled on a nice weekend trip to Paris.]

We got lost. We never made it to the Louvre. Or Sacre Cour. Or the Arc de Triomphe. Or the top of Notre Dame. Or Montmarte. It rained. And snowed. The Tom-Tom died every 15 minutes. We paid $78 for 34 hours of parking. Our only ‘sit down’ meal in France was at McDonalds.

And it was wonderful.

Why? How?

Because we took our time and just enjoyed the atmoshpere. The experience.

Because my penchant for planning coupled with BF’s adversion to itineraries makes for the perfect trip.

(thank goodness. if it didn’t, we would have to break up and I don’t want to have to move my couch through any more windows for at least another year or two.)

Here’s why:

– Hotel: We stayed at the Hotel du Bresil. Would I stay there for more than one night? Probably not. It was tiny (even by European standards) and worn

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