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Wait. What?!: Cinema

April 23, 2008

I’m a loser.

It’s true.

50/50 raffles. Lottery. Straws.


If it’s a contest based purely on chance, I lose. In 24 years, you would think I would win at least one 50/50 raffle or radio contest (granted, i’ve never actually called in. but still). My total lack of success actually defies the odds. In the bad sort of way.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I arrived at work on Monday with a large envelope addressed to moi in my department’s mail slot. My first thought was “Oh no. Another parking ticket. (since my car is a rental, the parking tickets get sent to work)” By some dumb luck, it wasn’t a parking ticket but 2 free movie passes!

Awhile ago I had put my name in a raffle on the company intranet for two free passes to be used at any of the Kinepolis Theaters in Belgium – and, surprise surprise, actually won!

There must be a catch, right?

I have to go to some dumb event to earn the tickets? Nope, no strings attached.

I have to take someone under 12? Nope, good for two adults.

There is no Kinepolis theater close by? Nope, there’s a giant one in Brussels and in Leuven.

Already expired? Not really. They are good through Thursday, May 1st. Which leaves me four days. Not too bad.

Matinee only? Nope, can be used at the late showings during the week.

So. I’m all excited and have myself convinced that I finally won something worthwhile. I email Boyfriend – “We’re due for a proper date night. Wanna do dinner & a movie on Thursday?? If you buy dinner I’ll buy the movie!” (hehehe) He agrees and even says I can pick the place. I think “man I’m good.”

Then. I check what’s playing. And find the catch.

(note: OV = original version i.e. if the movie was made in English, it will be in English. If it’s made in French, it will be in French. NV = Dutch dubbing, no English.)

21 (OV)
Funny Games (OV)
The Ruins (OV)
Horton (NV)
Hotel Op Stelten (NV)
Linkeroever (NV)
Meet the Spartans (OV)
The Mist (OV)
The Eye (NV)
The Other Boleyn Girl (OV)

Of these, only Funny Games, 21, The Ruins, Step Up 2 the Streets and the Other Boleyn Girl aren’t already on DVD back in the states. Taken is

So… we can choose between a bunch of bad horror movies, a parody movie that got a 2% on Rotten Tomatoes and a historical chick flick. Don’t even get me started on ‘Step Up 2 the Streets.’ (what kind of junk did people have to write that a studio exec thought a sequal to ‘step up’ was better than whatever else was on the table??)

Where are the movies that are getting GOOD reviews – like ‘Smart People,’ ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ or ‘The Bank Job?? Why are over 50% of the movies being shown already on DVD or out of all but the $1 theater? TV here is already seasons (if not years) behind. And that’s IF they get the series in the first place. It’s no wonder the people at work think American movies aren’t worth the money. At the current exchange rate, two tickets and a box of popcorn Costs upward of $38.

That’s a lot for Meet the Spartans.

BF and I will probably still use the FREE tickets but after that… well… perhaps I’ll catch the new Indiana Jones sometime next January.






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