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Wait. What?! Defective Milky Ways

May 22, 2008

(note: can’t upload any of my saved posts right now. don’t get me started on why. will probably put up all 4 tomorrow night. Yes, on a Friday night. Right, I AM that cool. For now, you will have to do with a quick ‘Wait. What?!’ )

It’s 9:35pm. I’m sitting at my desk, watching the sky gradually darken.

(oh yeah, remember when I said there was no Daylight Savings Time here?  I was totally wrong. As a commenter to that very post pointed out, there was a DST here. It just came 2 weeks after the one in the US. And thank goodness there was one. It stays light for so long here the sun would probably be setting just as I woke up in the morning. Well, not really. But it sometimes feels like it.)

So, as I’m watching the last bits of light start to fade, I become irritated. The 13th hour of work is never a fun one. Your mind is wandering. You can’t focus on the work. All you can think about is how you are hungry (that salad did nothing) and you want to go home but can’t until you finish what you are doing. Which requires focus. Which you can’t do because you are hungry.

It’s a vicious cycle.  One I was caught up in until I spied a bunch of Milky Ways up for grabs. Instantly, the Snickers ad “Hungry? Why Wait.” popped into my head. A Milky Way is no Snickers but it still has chocolaty caramely goodness. Certainly a little bit of caramel is all I need to help me meet my deadline.

I take a closer look at the Milky Ways and realize that the wrappers are funny. And by funny, I mean blue. No brown. No green. Just blue with red and white stars. It’s almost patriotic. Why don’t we have this back home? Perhaps this is the next generation of Milky Way packaging and Belgium is a test market. In my opinion, it’s much prettier than the ones you see back home. Although unlikely, perhaps the taste was enhanced along with the wrapper?

I quickly tear into the fun-sized yumminess and bite in with great expectations – milk chocolate surrounding a bed of nougat lightly topped by a ribbon of smooth caramel.

Instead – all I get is nougat.

Where’s the caramel? Where’s my sticky sugariness?

This is a Three Musketeers parading as a MIlky Way. What gives? Is there some sort of mistake?

Convinced that the Universe was conspiring against me in a plan to stop my sugar consumption (for the record, the plan was a failure. i still ate the bar – defect and all) I googled Milky Way Bars. Turns out there are two different kinds – a U.S. version and a U.K./European version.

What we call a ‘Milky Way’ they call a ‘Mars Bar’ and what they call a ‘Milky Way’ we call a ‘Three Musketeers.’


U.S. Wrapper:

European/U.K./Australian Milky Way:

Inside of a U.S. Milky Way:

Inside of a European/U.K./Australian Milky Way:

see explanation here:

So yeah. IF you want to impress your friends and tell them you have a special “European” Milky Way for them… just give them a Three Musketeers.

Well, now that that mystery has been solved, I think I’ll call it a night. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update on our absentminded hero’s adventures with drained accounts and hotel reservations in Ukraine and how they led to making 5 separate trips to 3 banks in two days.

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