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Stuck in my head…

May 27, 2008

I’m not sure if these songs are big in the US – or even on the radio there – but they are everywhere here. Everywhere. Radio, tv, summer tours, the iPod of the guy who sat next to me on the train. Since I recently acquired a cable to hook up my iPod to the radio, the heavy rotation of these songs would be no big deal – except that they are on a constant loop in my head.

In my experience, the best way to get a song out of your head is to share it with someone else. Well, maybe it doesn’t always get rid of the song – but at least you’ll have someone to share your pain.

Happy listening 🙂

1.”I’ll Kill Her” by Soko

From what I understand, Soko is a French musician/actress who isn’t quite fluent in English but knows just enough to make catch songs. This one was #1 in Denmark in the fall and is still a pretty big deal in Belgium.

2. “Ella Elle L’a” by Kate Ryan

According to people at work, this is a relatively recent song. I guess I’m just lucky because I tend to hear it every morning around 7:15am while sitting in traffic. It’s really not okay. As I’ve noted before, upbeat dance music is not necessary before I’ve finished my second cup of coffee and have nothing to do but look forward to an hour’s worth of slow moving traffic.

Also, when the only words you recognize in a song are ‘Ella elle L’a” they are the only words that get looped in your head. Fine for 15 minutes. Not fine for 4 hours.

3. “Een Wereld” by Jeroen van der Boom 

The only words I know in this are ‘oh yeah.’ And then I butcher the rest of it in my head. With all the hacking and gagging I don’t even think about singing it out loud.

Is it just me or does he remind you of a European Huey Lewis?

4. ‘Wit Licht’ by Marco Borsato

I have no words. Just check out the video. Perhaps you’ll learn some Dutch.

You can thank me later for introducing you to one of the most famous (and, I’m told, ‘attractive’) Dutch singers.

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