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What about the waffles??

June 14, 2008

It seems my new header and title for this site was met with some amount of confusion.

“But I LIKED the waffles. And what? Did you leave Brussels? Are you just trying to be profound? Because it’s not working.”

(have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my family?)

Allow me to explain my reason for switching things up a bit:

1. I get bored looking at the same thing every day. Don’t you?

2. I need to step away from the waffles and the chocolate. In both the graphic sense and, more importantly, the physical sense. Seriously. I’ve already packed on the Foreign 15 (a close relative to the Freshman 15), we need to scale it back to the Foreign 5.

3. I’m not really in Brussels anymore. I’m outside of it. In Leuven and Diegem. “Britt in Leuven” doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Ditto for “Britt in Belgium.” 

4. I was going through the Paris pics from last weekend and noticed the “I AM HERE” pic that boyfriend took. I thought it was kind of fun on it’s own but then it made me think of one of my dad’s favorite sayings. The Spencer mantra, if you will, “Wherever you go, there you are.” And I thought, “PERFECT FOR MY BLOG.”

(don’t worry, I immediately thought “Did I just say ‘perfect for my BLOG?! Wow, I’m lame.”)


so… that’s that! 🙂


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