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June 16, 2008

Where do you think this masterpiece should be published – Elle Decor? Domino? Architectural Digest?

Since we’re friends, I’ll give you secret to this revolutionary design – 3 pant hangers and two tank tops. Note, the color of the tank top is important. We started with just the yellow one but that made the room look a bit tacky all bathed in a garish yellow light. The addition of the blue is what makes the whole thing work. When the light is on, everything is cast in a calming green glow.


Seriously, this is the light fixture in our office/extra room. See, up until 2 weeks ago we just had a lonely bulb hanging from the ceiling (actually, we had lonely wires hanging from the ceiling for the first 3 months before deciding to spring the 1 Euro for a light bulb). Since the room was filled with boxes, illuminating this mess was of little concern. 

Clearing the space and fixing up the room was on our list of things to do – somewhere below and above. BUT then, we found out we were having a visitor (Christine!). As this visitor is a paragon of class, we felt we should at least move out the boxes. And screw in a light bulb. We did these things and then turned the light on and were shocked – the size of the room did not go well with the wattage of the bulb. The reflection off the white-ish walls hurt our eyes.  BF and I looked at each other and thought “We need something to cover this light. ASAP.” BUT. Since it was 8pm on a Thursday, every store in the country was closed.  

Me: “Perhaps we can drape a scarf over it?”

BF: “Yeah, I could make that work. Give me your scarf.”

Me: “I don’t have one. How about a tank top?”

BF: “Umm… ok.”

And the first product in the Lighting by Lou line was born…

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