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Um, I have a note from the government…

July 18, 2008

(Town Hall. Leuven.)

Check out the letter I got from the Leuven Town Hall:
(bolding is mine)
“As you have only just arrived in our country, the Flemish government draws your attention to the fact that it is your duty to attend an integration programme. This will allow you to learn Dutch and receive a lot of useful information about the Flemish society.

Among other things, your duty implies that you have to be prompt to present yourself to the welcome office. Upon your registration at the welcome office, a contract mentioning the courses you should attend, will be drawn up with you. If, within three months of the registration in the municipality, you do not present yourself to the welcome office or do not observe your contract, you may be punished with a fine.

We are confident that you will present yourself promptly to the welcome office.”

I love it. Not only because it’s an excuse to meet some people in town and better acclimate myself to the area BUT, I think it will get me out of work for a few hours! A note from the government has to be at least as good as a note from the Doctor…

sidenote: How well do you think this kind of policy would work in the US?
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