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Quarter Century Club

October 14, 2008
From Falling in

(Birthday present #1: An afternoon of perfect weather in a hidden park)

Once again I had another fairly fantastic weekend here in little old Belgium. Watched a few movies, cleaned the apartment, went to a golf clinic with Belgium’s best female golfer (Ellen Smets), had dinner with friends, lunch in Leuven and… celebrated my 25th birthday.

Yes, believe it or not, I am now a card carrying member of the Quarter Century Club! Wahoo no more penalties when renting cars in the US! And… um… are there any other benefits to turning 25? The only thing I can think of is the fact that I can now call my ocassional freakouts about where I am, what I’m doing and where I’m going in life “Quarter Life Crises” instead of just “near-Quarter Life Crises.” So that’s sweet.

Anyways, I think the weekend went as well as it possibly could. Although it may have been “dull” compared to previous birthdays, after spending the last few weekends travelling (lots of fun but tiresome), it was JUST what I needed. Instead of club hopping in Vegas with the girls or sushi & W.6th with the girls or being kidnapped by football players (which was orchestrated by the girls) this year it was just me and the Boy.

We grabbed lunch in the sun-drenched Oude Markt. Discovered a gorgeous park in the middle of Leuven. Walked around town eating homemade ice cream. Bought an orange creme pie covered with white chocolate  (the closest thing we could find to a birthday cake) from the local patisserie. Talked with the parents on iChat. Started going through our pictures from recent travels (see them here: Bought IronMan on iTunes and watched it while drinking one of the bottles of wine we bought while on our tasting trip to Beaune. Fell asleep on the couch just as the clock struck 12:00.

All in all, a lovely day.

Proof of this supposed loveliness:

From Falling in

(I couldn’t wait until we got home to dig into the AMAZING white chocolate orange cream pie so we had a few bites on a park bench in front of the Leuven library. Pretty, no?)

From Falling in

(Library up close.)

From Falling in

(I’m kinda in love with the library)

From Falling in

(the entrance to the little park we found)

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