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October 17, 2008

I guess in the last post I failed to mention what (most) people consider the most interesting part of a birthday – the PRESENTS!

And what presents did I receive for my 25th birthday? Well, instead of boxes wrapped up in pretty ribbons full of things like coats or shoes or suitcases or shower heads (i.e. what I got for my 24th bday), I got my favorite gift of all – TRAVEL! 5 days, 5 nights on the Emerald Isle! (also known as our trip to Dublin two weekends ago…)

Below are my favorite, shall we say, “trinkets” from our Holiday:

1. A SUNNY day in Dublin with clear views down the river Liffey:

From Eire

2. A tour of Trinity College & The Book of Kells & The Long Room:

From Eire

(stealth shot from inside my purse since cameras aren’t technically allowed in the Long Room)

3. “Authentic Irish” Lunch & Live Music in Temple Bar:

From Eire
From Eire
From Eire

‘THe Alamo’- the site of our ‘Traditional Irish’ lunch. And by ‘Traditional Irish’ I mean a Texas style BBQ hamburger and a quesadilla. Odd, I know, but it was our first day and we figured we would have plenty of time for Irish meat & potatoes. But decent Tex-Mex? 100% beef hamburger?? For less than 8 Eur a person? Yeah, it wasn’t even a question. After months and months of living in Belgium, home of “mystery meat” burgers (pork? chicken? beef? horse? you just don’t know), the Alamo burger was amazing! And besides, it was IRISH beef. So that has to count for something…

3. Lucky lamps:


From Eire

I think this would look FANTASTIC in our apartment. Perhaps in the entry hall?

4. Hidden waterfalls:

From Eire

It should be mentioned that we took a slightly unusual approach to our trip. Instead of having a set itinerary or a list of cultural ‘must sees’ like we would for Paris or London or Rome, we decided to see where the luck of the Irish would take us. We stayed a beautiful hotel (Glashaus Hotel) in Tallaght (a suburb south of Dublin) and, with the help of a rental car, used that as our base to explore the surrounding areas. On our second day in Eire we headed South along the coast towards the Wicklow Mountains. I put “wicklow town” into our trusty Tom Tom (who had a few maps for Ireland!) but about 20 minutes into our 30-45 minute drive we got completely distracted by the scenery and found ourselves following these brown tourist signs to Powerscourt Golf Course. However, at one of the 97 bends in the road we ended up getting confused (between the turns and the fact that we were driving on the Right side of the road confusion was inevitable) and found ourselves at Powerscourt Waterfall. Waterfalls, golf courses, same difference. 

Lucky mistake, no?

From Eire
From Eire
From Eire

(I didn’t trip!)

From Eire
From Eire
From Eire

Eventually, we made it to the Powerscourt GOLF course…

From Eire

It was fairly scenic.

From Eire
From Eire

Perfect setting for a quick wine & cheese lunch!

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  1. Suzy permalink
    November 19, 2008 5:42 pm


    I wanted to let you know that my Facebook account is not working. Someone hacked into the stupid thing! I want to see you when you are home next, so give me a call. The number is 724-935-8586 or shoot me an email at! Thanks!! Hopefully we can catch up!

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