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9 for ’09

January 12, 2009

Seeing as how it’s already January 12, I’m sure everyone is sick and tired of lists. Lists of goals and resolutions and “Best Of’s” However. I am of the opinion that putting goals in writing – and then showing them to others – makes you ever so slightly more likely to achieve them.

With that in mind, I am listing my 9 Resolutions for 2009 (in no particular order):

1. Post (at least) one entry every other day. Pretty self explanatory. A top goal though since this blog was created to a) keep friends & family up to date on my life and b) serve as a diary of sorts of all of the things I do during my time here. One post a month isn’t really cutting it.

2. Fit back into my pants. Exactly zero of the pants I was wearing last January fit comfortably this January. While the exchange rate is getting better, I still can’t afford to buy myself a new [bigger] wardrobe.

Some subgoals may help with this:

2a. Go to the gym 3 times a week. I pay an ABSURD amount to belong to my stupid gym. I    really should go to it.

2b. Do NOT eat an entire pound of pasta in one sitting. Sounds easy but it isn’t.

2c. Do NOT eat the chocolate/pastries/candy passed around (almost daily) at work. Limit intake to once a week. Ok, maybe twice…. No. Once.

3. Read (at least) one non-beach book per month. A surprisingly difficult task when in the midst of CPA studying and long work hours.  When I do get some free time to read, all I want to do is read something light, fluffy and happy. Like chocolate, this is perfectly fine in moderation but you need a few vegetables in there to balance things out.

4. Go somewhere new (at least) once every month. One of my regrets of 2008 is that I didn’t travel enough. I have a coworker that went to 10 countries in 8 months. 10! I went to 5. A fine number, certainly, but still something of a waste of this unique opportunity. (at least in my mind!) In 2009, I’d like us to go to 12 new places – they can be areas of Belgium or whole new countries, the only requirement is that they be unmarked territories for either Boyfriend or myself.

5. Keep in touch better. I’m not sure how I’ll quantify my progress on this one. Perhaps at least one Skype call/iChat per weekend?  All I know is that this is one goal I must achieve. I’m not going to be back in Pittsburgh for at least 11 months and even when I AM home I never, ever have enough time to catch up properly with everyone. I was home for two weeks over Christmas and barely managed to see half of the people I had planned on meeting. (Intended to meet with 12 people. Saw 4. Spent quality time with 3. Unacceptable.)  All of which means that I need to do my part from here. Send more timely emails, make the phone calls, heck, even send postcards.

6. Learn enough Dutch & French to get a through a meal/store/ticket line without using English. Een bier, alsjeblieft?

7. Do something selfless (at least) once a month. Although my posts may come off as flaky and full of silly, inconsequential ponderings, I really am fully aware and deeply grateful of how astoundingly lucky I am. The least I can do is pass some of this good fortune on to others. If I were home I’d join some kind of nonprofit or volunteer organization but here… the language thing is a bit of an issue. As is the full-time job. I guess I’ll just have to get a little creative with the do-gooding.

8. Make a new “grown up meal” (at least) once every two weeks. Nearly everything I make is some variation on noodles (pasta or pad thai), chicken and rice. It’s really very sad. None of my dishes require creativity or skill. Or taste buds, for that matter. Both for my health and my relationship, I must expand my repertoire beyond college staples and learn to make proper grown up meals. Roasts, fish, soups, polenta, etc. Things your mother made you eat because they would “make you grow big and strong.”  Boyfriend likes both variety and REAL food – oddly, pasta with salt doesn’t make him as happy as it does me.  In the past11  months I’ve made maybe 2 meals that he preferred to grabbing a Kebab from the guy around the corner. That needs to change. Hopefully by 2010 he’ll only prefer the Kebab 95% of the time. (note: don’t get the wrong idea here, he isn’t a “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” kind of guy. It’s just that a) he can’t cook and b) you either cook or do the dishes and I’d much rather stir sauce than scrape it off a pot. )

9. Figure out what I enjoy (career-wise). What I want to do when I go back home. Who knows? Maybe it will be accounting. ha. ha. I’m so funny…

So there they are. My top 9 for 09. I’ll let you know how it goes… but for now I’m off to the gym 🙂

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  1. January 16, 2009 9:03 am

    “Een bier, alsjeblieft?”
    You know the most important Dutch already apparently 🙂

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