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Here we go Steelers, here we go!

February 1, 2009
Adorable, no?
Adorable, no?
So. What are YOU doing right now? Doing some last minute redding up (i.e. cleaning) for your Super Bowl party?  Making a final run to the store for ice? Putting on your lucky jersey and grabbing your terrible towel before heading to a friend’s party? Watching your 79th hour of Super bowl coverage in the last 2 weeks? Listening to whatever the new Steelers song is (is there a new song? I have “this year we’ll get that one for the thumb” in my head but that makes no sense anymore. I’ve seen messages about “six packs”… is there a song about that? I guess I’ll just have to keep singing the Pittsburgh Polka.) 
Me? I’m waking up from a nap. Although I’d give a million dollars to be in Pittsburgh right now cheering with the cutest Steeler fan ever (see exhibit A above), I am currently stranded in a country that couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl. Since the game doesn’t start until 12:30am here and there is no hope of a delay or cancellation of work on Monday, I had to get some exra sleep in if I’m going to stay up for the entire game AND be functional at work tomorrow. Given how much interest there has been in everything American related lately, I hoped there would be some notice taken of what I used to think was the BIGGEST GAME IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Ha. No. When I asked my non-American coworkers who they would support – the Steelers or Cardinals – many responded “Cardinals” because “Stealing is bad but birds are nice.”)
Fortunately, my wonderful American friends have agreed to go to forgo sleep  in order to watch the game live at a bar in Brussels with BF and I.  As an added bonus, other than the Bengals fans Cincinatti who insist upon rooting against the Steelers, I’m pretty sure the more intelligent members of our group will be cheering for the Black and Gold.
So… I hope everyone has a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday… I’ll be doing my very best to be a good Pittsburgher and bring the Steelers Nation to Belgium 🙂
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