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Speaking of “The Sound of Music”…

May 20, 2009

Did I mention that Boyfriend and I were going to Austria this week? AUSTRIA. Land of Mozart, Haydn, Sachertortes, the Alps and, yes, The Sound of Music!

Why Austria? Why now? With regards to the “now,” Thursday is a National Holiday in Belgium (= the country is closed) and our office is closed on Friday. To double the pleasure, the managers are actually encouraging us to USE the holiday days rather than coming into work. (And who said the recession didn’t have any benefits?)

So… four day weekend in May… where should we go?? I did a quick scan of the budget airlines – RyanAir, Brussels Airlines, Easy Jet, SkyEurope, etc. and found a few great deals.  Considering that I was planning this back in January when it was cold and gross outside a lot of my top choices were decidedly Sun & Sand focused. I called out the options to Boyfriend – “Beachside resort in Malaga, Spain?”  Eh. “Mallorca?” Maybe. “Nice?” Nope.  “Austria?” YES “Sorry, I mispoke, Austria is landlocked and has ALPS. I meant Athens. So, Athens?” Austria. “Lisbon?” Austria. “Capri?” Austria. “Croatian coast?” Austria.

So Austria it is. Even though it is suspiciously lacking in waves, beaches and 90 degree weather, I’m told it is full of culture, charm and stunning landscapes. I suppose those will do.

Hallstatt, Austria. As far as old mountain & lakeside villages go, it's pretty scenic.

Hallstatt, Austria. As far as old mountain & lakeside villages go, it's pretty scenic.

We leave tonight at 8pm, should arrive in Vienna around 10-10:30 and check into our hotel a bit before midnight. From there… I have no idea (at least, less of an idea than usual). I booked us one night in Vienna (tonight), two nights in Hallstatt (a sleepy, picturesque little town in the mountains outside of Salzburg) and a final night in Vienna so we wouldn’t have any troubles catching our flight Sunday evening. Other than that… nothing is planned. Nothing! No tours booked. No dinner reservations. No concert tickets. For the first time we are just going to take it easy and do whatever we feel like doing. I have some ideas (obviously. i mean, vacation planning is my drug of choice.) but, nothing is set in stone.

It’s equal parts terrifying (what if we accidentally skip something amazing or miss a deal?!) and exhilarating (we are open to any possibility…).

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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