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Who knew there were so many options in Brussels? (me! no, seriously. i’m all over this.)

June 11, 2009

Some may say that Thursday morning is too early to begin planning the weekend.

To them I say “Boo.” As a reluctant office-drone-in-denial, I find that discussing the upcoming weekend is fair game after roughly 9:15am on Monday morning. That said, with this weekend a blank slate, I’m basically four days behind. Better get moving.

Since both Boyfriend and I have to get a bit (read: a ton) of work done this weekend, I’m afraid any adventures will have to be of the local sort. While it may come as a surprise to those that think Belgium is “boring,” a “snooze of a country” and “less interesting than my grandma’s backyard” (?? that last one came from an Italian friend who had never actually been to Belgium. Idiot.) we are actually quite spoiled for choice over here.

Should time, budget, coordination and language be of no import, the following are my Top 5 activities for this weekend:

1. Belgium Rollers – Every Friday from June 6 until Sept. 26, hundreds of rollerbladers converge upon Brussels for a wild two hour tour of the city.

The “Belgium Rollers’ website has some pretty sweet videos of the event but I can’t link to them directly…. you’ll just have to do with the much lamer effort from the official Brussels Tourism group:

I once ran into them accidentally while lost near Ixelles (surprise, surprise) and was astounded as the police blocked off the road I was on so that (what seemed like) thousands of skaters could roll past. As soon as I find myself suitable padding – I’m thinking knee, elbow & wrist pads plus a helmet and maybe a kevlar suit – I’m totally doing this.

2. Urban aperitifs – Every Friday from June 5 to Sept. 4, Urban Aperitifs installs a bar in a different spot around Brussels. As far as I can tell from Google translating their Dutch/French website, this week’s event will take place in Place Guy d’Arezzo and feature Caipirinha, Ricard (fyi: an alcohol, not person, as Boyfriend explained to me 5 seconds ago…)  and “bowls in the sun” (neither of us knows what this is. I blame Google Translate.).  Activities such as chess, badminton and other poorly translated things (games? pasttimes?) like “transats” and “petanque” will also be available.

Best of all, I’ll probably learn a few new French words if I attend…

3. Taste of Poland.

In this case, I think the poster says it all. My favorite… “Win a trip to Cracow!”

TOP poster

If there are pierogies, I’m in.

Update: A closer look at the poster reveals that they have a website: wow…

4. Art. Aching from all the rolling and drinking and pierogi-ing, you could always take a look at one of the new museums in/close to Brussels: The Herge Museum and the Musee Magritte.

Musee Magritte houses many of the famous works of Rene Magritte, the Surrealist artist well known for his work “Le Fils De L’Homme (Son of Man).” You know, the dude with the top hat and the apple covering his face? It played a central role in the Thomas Crown Affair? Right.


The next rainy day, I’m dragging boyfriend here…

In return, I’ll happily go to The Herge Museum with him. Beloved all over Belgium, Herge is the creator of the popular comic series, Tin Tin. The museum, an homage to his many works, appears to be a piece of art in its own right. Check out this article and you’ll see what I mean:

While I’m not sure how well I will be able to appreciate comics that I can’t actually read (they are in French…), I think I would enjoy wandering around the museum, pretending that I was in a comic myself… (have you clicked on the article above yet? that sentence makes more sense if you do …  🙂 )

5. Go to Vanden Borre or Media Markt or any other reputable appliance store and have someone take my money in return for a wash machine with a warranty. (that’s harder to do than you might think…) In truth, this is my #1 choice for the weekend. If you saw the size of my dirty laundry pile relative to my clean laundry pile it’d be your first choice too.

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  1. Stella permalink
    September 20, 2009 12:55 am


    what is the name of the picture?

    I want to know it

    • Pelicat permalink
      November 9, 2009 3:38 am

      This paint named “Man in the Bowler Hat”.

      There was not only fruit in front of his face, but also a flying pigeon.

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