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I suppose I can swap the pierogies for some Brittany lobster.

June 12, 2009


My dreams of rollerblading with a pierogi in one hand, mojito in another past trendy art museums in pursuit of wash machines will have to wait until next weekend.

This evening I was invited [read: told] to attend a business dinner & post-dinner drinks in honor of the arrival of our Russian client’s to Brussels.

Which should be interesting.

Bulgarians, a Romanian, a South Korean, a Turk and a duo of Americans. Plus the guest of honor, a Russian (we’ll call him Boris) with a proclivity for flouting all professional etiquette (when asked if he would be bringing anyone to dinner, he responded “Besides my concubine? I thought I’d stop and get a Red Light District girl. Kidding. Just me and my mistress. Wife is back in Moscow.”) and a predilection for Vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. Which he insists must be enjoyed as a group (or so I’m told).

While I’m nonplussed about drinking until the wee hours (apparently people were out until 6 am on his last THREE trips) with my bosses, I AM excited for top notch food. Apparently Boris is in the mood for sea food. And not just any sea food. Excellent sea food. And wine (perhaps it’s a good primer for Vokda?). So basically a Pre-Economic-Meltdown style wine and dine type event. What Boris wants, Boris gets.

Which will be this restaurant: Sea Grill.

Fodor’s Review:

Dashing superstar chef Yves Mattagne presides over the kitchen of arguably the best seafood place in town. Gastronomes rub shoulders here with tycoons and aristocrats, as they tuck into king crab from the Barents Sea, Dublin Bay prawns, Brittany lobster pressed table-side, and line-caught sea bass crusted with sea salt. Inevitably, because of its hotel location, the restaurant feels rather corporate, but it’s spacious and elegant, and service is impeccable.

That’ll do. Nothing neutralizes a potentially awkward professional event like Brittany lobster pressed table-side.

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