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But I DO know what I’ve got. Way before it’s gone.

July 23, 2009

Everyone uses the cliche “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…” to characterize those feelings of loss when something great ends. Be it a friendship, a trip, a city, a time in your life, whatever… the assumption is that you are so distraught over the period’s conclusion because you didn’t appreciate it when you were in the midst of the experience.

Which is fine. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. But what about the despair that sets in when something ends that you DID appreciate? Is there a pithy little cliche that goes along with these feelings? Why didn’t Joni Mitchel write a song about them?

I say this because I typically err on the side of appreciation. I knew that college was going to be the best four years of my life on the fourth day of Freshman orientation. I was aware of exactly how amazing the experience was and did my very best to make the most of the whole thing. That didn’t make it any easier when it all ended.

I also knew within minutes of walking into the beach house our family rented in the Outer Banks last week that the vacation was going to be pretty fantastic. In addition to my immediate family, in attendance were all of my aunts & uncles & cousins plus my sister’s fiance’s family. 25 of my nearest & dearest sharing the same bit of beach for a whole week? Heaven!

Not to mention 90 degree weather, copious amounts of sun, great waves, a house directly on the water with two decks and a hot tub (!), a kayak rental, beach reads, goofy golfing, a wind-powered micro brewery, bocce ball, poker, make your own donuts, homemade chocolate chip confections for breakfast every morning, fishing with half the family, a surprise (that was actually a surprise!) bridal shower, taking up two rows at the movie theater to see Harry Potter on opening night, being led along the beach by the most charming baby ever, watching Newsies every day, sleepovers with Kels…

It was a wonderful 7 days. And I knew it. But it didn’t make the time go by any slower. And it doesn’t keep me from feeling any less blue as I look out the windows at a grey expanse of industrial park. 59 degree weather. Rain. And the prospect of 80 hour work weeks for the next two months.

I’d really love to blast some great song that discusses this topic. I’m sure there is one out there. Just have to find it.

Until then, I’ll console myself with the fact that I at least have some amazing memories (which is more than a lot of people can say, I know).

And a great tan.

From Starred Photos

(The whole family after the surprise Bridal Shower and before seeing Harry Potter…)

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