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Happy Birthday, Mom!

July 23, 2009
Mom! Outer Banks vacation July 2009.      From Starred Photos

Happy Birthday to the most selfless and caring person I know.

Who has attended just about every sporting event Kelsey & I ever participated in.

Who drops whatever she is doing to help her family – whether it’s fixing a pair of pants minutes before leaving for a flight or running to the grocery store at 1am or staying up until midnight to help with a science project.

Who can be blackmailed for a foot rub.

Who makes a mean batch of dumplings.

Who inspired countless otherwise apathetic students to go into science.

Who sends me an email every day.

Who knits the comfiest afghans I’ve ever seen.

Who can’t keep a handle on the location of her wallet or car keys but is on top of the tiniest details of our lives.

Who always forgives us – regardless of how many times we get in a stupid huff with her.

Who supports us in every last idiot thing we decide to do.

Who is basically the bestest Mom & friend in the whole wide world…

Mom & her girls…                     From Starred Photos
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  1. July 23, 2009 6:16 pm

    Hey Brit! I love the picture of you guys with your mom! Your mom looks great! I also can’t believe how big Jordan is getting! Next time you are in the Pittsburgh area we must get together and catch up!!

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