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The Further Adventures of Britt & BF… aka why we haven’t set a date yet

July 27, 2009
BF & the Mini which is at large somewhere in Boom, Belgium. Perhaps BF should have taken a picture of where he parked?

SO. Last night. I go to bed around 11pm with Moose (the dog we are dogsitting) and leave the door unlocked for BF who was spending the day with fellow Techno Music loving friends at a festival called “Tomorrowland.”

Fast forward to 2:30am. Moose starts barking and I tell him to be quiet. Out of nowhere Lou walks in and says “It’s okay, it’s just me.” In my sleepy state, I thought it was Moose that said this. BF laughed at my addled responses and slept in the other room.

Fast forward to 7:00am. I walk into the other room and tell him I needed to leave in 25 min. so I could make an 8am meeting. He pats the bed next to him and asks me to sit down. “How cute,” I think, “he must have some fun surprise.”

Surprise, yes. Fun, no.

(Soon to Be Ex)BF: The car isn’t here.
Me: What do you MEAN the car isn’t HERE? Did it break down? (it had been making funny noises and wasn’t accelerating properly yesterday)
(Soon to Be Ex)BF: No. It’s working just fine.
(Soon to Be Ex)BF: Because I couldn’t find it.
(Soon to Be Ex)BF: Walking back from the concert I got caught on the wrong road and couldn’t figure out how to get back to the road I parked the car on. See, I cut through a park to get to the festival grounds but the park gates were closed after the concert and I couldn’t see how to get around them to the side of town my car was on.
Me: How did you get here then?
(Soon to Be Ex)BF: I took a taxi. [that was FIFTY EUROS, p.s.]
Me: So… I’m going to have to WALK to the train?
(Soon to Be Ex)BF: Yeah…
Me:I have a meeting in 40 minutes. I’ve already missed the train that would get me there in time. Why didn’t you tell me this LAST night when I could wake up in time to catch the correct train?
(Soon to Be Ex)BF: You were kind of out of it. You thought Moose was talking.
Me: UGH. So. Um. I guess you’ll have to borrow a car and go look for it after work?
(Soon to Be Ex)BF: Yeah…. But you’ll have to come with me. We’ll need two drivers.
Me: AAAHHHH!#%*%!!!!!

End scene.

I missed the train that would get me into the office by 9am by 15 seconds. So close that the conductor actually waved and shrugged at me and refused to open the doors. I missed my training completely. My phone is no longer authorized by the network (not sure why, have to call. but that requires a phone. dilemma) so I can’t use my cell. Ummm… yeah. That about sums up my day thus far.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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