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Call off the search team!

July 28, 2009

The Mini has been found and is currently safe inside it’s homey little garage in Kessel-Lo.

[We rescued it after work last night and while I could almost but not quite see how BF got lost and shut out in the town, I could definitely see that it was in a secure area for overnight parking. In fact, I saw more than a few other cars that had also been left there from the previous night. Though I didn’t tell boyfriend any of this. Obviously.]

Let’s all heave a collective sigh of relief. One for the car’s safety another for my job’s security (“um, hi, yeah, remember that car you gave me? I kind of lost it. What’s that? Oh right. Sure, I’ll clean out my desk.”) and an extra one for our relationship (no car would equal no gf for bf)…

Although I must say, there were three unexpected benefits to this fiasco:

1. That meeting I missed yesterday? Apparently it was a colossal waste of time. And boring to boot. Score one point for the girl dating the idiot.

2. According to BF I was much less witchy to him than expected. And, for handling everything with a minimum amount of snarky comments, he agrees that he owes me approx. 47 favors.  I will be sure to use these wisely.

3. The future kids are going to LOVE hearing this story. Over and over. And over again.

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