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All alone? Host a “B*tchin in the Kitchen” party…

August 12, 2009


Guess who has their apartment all to themselves until August 24th? Me!!

Yes, BF is off in the US on a 3 week stint of family visiting and wedding attending and I am left to my own devices for the whole time! It’s incredible.

– I’ve gone to the gym 5 of the last 6 days (which is more than I went in the last 3 months. combined.)
– There are ZERO dirty dishes in the sink. ZERO. And the dishwasher is empty.
– The fridge is stocked with fruits & vegetables.
– I’ve been been to work on time (or early!) every day. (it’s amazing how easy mornings are when you aren’t waiting for Mr. I Don’t Function Before 9am to be ready to go)
– I’ve been able to watch whatever silly “chick flicks” I want, whenever I feel like it.
– I’ve gone to sleep with FIVE pillows every night

In short, it’s been a lovely change of pace. (check back with me in two weeks though… my perspective may be very different)

Anyways, to celebrate my Bachelorette status, this Saturday I will be hosting the first (of hopefully many) “B*tch & Bake” parties. This involves having girl friends over to  hang out, watch SATC, drink some wine and vent about significant others (or lack thereof) all while putting on a show of domesticity via baking (i.e. we will actually bake the cookie dough before eating). After we’ve exhausted our cooking supplies (or the available wine, whichever comes first) we will head into Leuven for “Markt Rock” where we can grab drinks while listening to live music and have the boys pick us up join us.

Sound good? I think so. Hopefully it is fun & fire-free (me in a kitchen with lots of distractions is never safe…)! I’ll let you know how it goes…


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