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Wedding Planning: The Musts

August 18, 2009

“Ever since I was little, I wanted a big, elaborate, fairytale wedding.”

Who said that? Oh, I don’t know. Approximately 94% of all girls? Whoever it was, it wasn’t me. When I was little, a wedding was more of a vague idea. Something that I guessed I would do someday. Maybe.

Which makes the planning of such an event – something I alluded to in that previous overly sentimental post on Paris & proposals (sorry about that!) – SO difficult. Without a clear direction the possibilities are overwhelmingly endless.

So…  to help narrow things down a bit, over the last few *cough* eight *cough* months BF and I have done a bit of research. I perused no fewer than 2 – no, wait, 3! – Bridal magazines and BF attended a real, live wedding. From this exhaustive analysis, we put together a list of the things we find important – the must have’s of our to-do. (Have to start somewhere, right?)


– A ridiculous CAKE. Lots of layers, each a different absurd-yet-delicious flavor combination. Like french vanilla & chai. And banana and nutella. And peppermint with dark chocolate and espresso. And sprinkles. But only in one layer. Sort of funfetti-style. Ooh! And chocolate ganache in between each layer. And… I digress.

(yeah…. some girls have been planning fantasy weddings since they were little – I have been planning my fantasy wedding cake.)

– Parasols. Just because.

– Crazy talented, unique photographer. Pictures, particularly wedding ones, last for years. Nay, generations. We want photographs of the day that are more than just the stock pictures of a staggered bridal party or shoes with the ring inside. If they could be used as fillers inside picture frames at Target, I don’t want them. I’d like photos that will double as art. That are instant nostalgia. Personal. Unforced. Fun.

– Something borrowed, something blue, something Belgian. We are completely smitten with this silly little country and would like to incorporate a bit of Belgium into our event. Perhaps Belgian chocolates, a waffle stand or some trappist beers? Hmm… there are so many wonderful, uniquely Belgian elements to choose from… we may have to include more than one….

Quality time. Althought BF and I LOVE, love, love living in Belgium 90% of the time, that other 10% is spent complaining about the weather and being utterly homesick for family & friends. Now, ideally, most of those close friends and family members who were instrumental in our getting from the cradle to the altar will be in attendance. So. If they are all there, I want to spend some REAL, quality time with them. Silly conversations about the weather and the drive will just not do. I want hours with them, not five or six minutes as we hop from table to table.

– GOOD music. Hopefully something that involves turntables so that BF (who was a dj in a past life and mourns the lack of tables in our apartment on a daily basis) could hop on them for a few tracks. [sidenote: with a stupid creative photographer, that could make for some amazing shots. groom as dj? i’d hang that up on the wall…]

Most of all, we’d like an atmosphere that exudes intimacy and comfort. That is unique, unpretentious and, at its core, carefree & FUN. Whatever combination of flowers & linens & dresses & drinks get us to that point, awesome. We just want to celebrate with our favorite people.

And eat cake.

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  1. ginagennari permalink
    August 19, 2009 12:52 am

    Totally agree with the photographer and the music. You will want to look at the pictures over and over and over. And the music is a big key to fun. I danced and danced and danced at my wedding, and I’m not even much of a dancer. But, I wanted to it to feel like a big, fun party, and I think (I hope) we had just that (with a little schmaltz mixed in for good measure).

  2. brittspencer permalink*
    August 19, 2009 4:16 am

    That’s just what we’re hoping for! And yes, a little “schmaltz” is always good! Keeps things from getting too serious…

  3. August 24, 2009 11:15 am

    If you want hours of quality time with all your guests, then you might want to plan a wedding week instead of a wedding day 🙂

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