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On the bright side, the kitchen didn’t burn down…

August 19, 2009

The big “B*tch & Bake” party I was hosting on Saturday?

The one I advertised here.

The one that involved cute (electronic) invitations.

The one that involved me walking through the aisles of Del Haize at 7pm on a Friday night. And not just any Friday night. The Friday night before a  national holiday Saturday. (Which means all stores were closed on Saturday. A disaster in a country where stores are already closed on Sundays.) Which means mobs and mobs of people were filling the aisles stocking up for bbqs, the weekend and the entirely plausible possibility of there NEVER being food again. Ever. It was a fun time.

The one that forced me to do approx. 12 loads of laundry, scrub the kitchen with Clorox Clean-Up, move around the dining room table & chairs to allow for additional seating.

The one that would highlight international baking skills and broker world peace via culinary delights from Indonesia, South Korea, Bulgaria, Romania, the US and Belgium.

Yeah. It never happened.

Had to work. Alllll weekend. Most upsetting.

Fortunately, we plan on reconvening the session of our UN dessert committee in September. I’ll let you know if anything burns then…


In case you are curious, this is what my kitchen looks like. Note the high-tech oven, the absence of a dishwasher or microwave and the WHITE-ness of it all. As its a rental we can’t really do much painting or embellishment.  I suppose we could put stuff on the counter, but that’s usually full of dishes & bottles…


Another angle. To the very left on top of the vertically challenged fridge you can spot a white bottle. That’s the MILK. Yup, here you buy milk and leave it sit out until you are ready to use it. Then, you pop it in the fridge and treat it like typical American milk. I only use it as creamer and in cereal so I can’t give a verdict on whether or not it tastes “normal” but it does the job. And there’s the added bonus in that you almost never run out of milk. We buy bottles in packs of 6 and whenever we get down to 2 or 3 we pick up another case.

Also, note the hand blender on the counter. it’s from my Great Aunt Ruthie. Not only is it an awesome throwback (I usually keep it out just as decoration) but a few minutes with that thing is a great arm workout. If you ever wondered how the housewives of yore were able to cook with lard, cream and every other item on the Fitness – Foods to Avoid list while maintaining their svelte shape, the secret is in their lack of modern appliances…

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  1. August 24, 2009 11:11 am

    If you need a microwave: there’s a site where quite some xpats sell their furniture: Often you can buy there a used microwave oven for a very low price. There was a microwave on sale for 20 euro but it’s already sold. Most xpats simply sell their stuff again on this site when they leave belgium.

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