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So long sweet summer…

September 2, 2009

Why, hello September! Where on earth did you come from? Last time I checked you were a good two months away.

Am I the only one who feels like summer passed in less than a blink of the eye? A flutter of the eyelids, perhaps.

From September of last year right through March all I could do was talk about the *amazing* summer I was going to have. It was going to be chock full of European festivals, visiting new cities, picnics in the park, Friday night roller blading, winery tours, beer fests, gallery openings and long nights in the old market. The final tally?

Cities visited (outside Belgium): 6.

– Amsterdam (NL), Den Hague (NL), Pittsburgh (USA), Duck (USA), Cleveland (USA), Columbus (USA).

I know. I know. GLAM-O-ROUS. It’s okay to feel jealous of my trips to Pittsburgh & Cleveland. Everyone does.

Festivals attended : 2

– Beleuvenissen (i.e. the amazing music series in Leuven which features FREE concerts all over Leuven every Friday in July) I made just 1 of 4 Fridays. Very sad showing on my part. Though the night I went was pretty amazing.

– Markt Rock (i.e. a 2 day FREE music festival in Leuven with lots of shows, dj’s, etc.)

A downright embarrassing showing by yours truly.

Long nights in the Old Markt: 2 Unless “long” equals past midnight. Then it’s only 1.

No excuses other than that BF & I are old. And lame.

Picnics: 0

Gallery Openings: 0

Friday Night Skating: 0

Open Air Movie Nights: 0

Trips to the Moon: 0

Looking back, I’m not sure what I DID do this summer. I worked a lot of weekends. And there was that family vacation I may have mentioned once or twice. And that weekend trip to the US for a dear friend’s wedding. And I worked a lot of nights. And there was the time BF and I had a nice night in Den Hague & at the Scheveningen beach. And there was a fun night out in Brussels with some crazy friends. But the rest of the time? I think it was spent relaxing, hunting down Mini’s, having low key nights with friends and… working. And then working some more.

All in all, I have MUCH to catch up on this fall once BS (busy season) ends and my nights & weekends are returned to me! Thus far, we have mini trips or weekends in London, Barcelona, Paris (just can’t stay away!) and Luxembourg planned. Plus a beer festival or two. And some parties here and there.

Hmm… fall is looking pretty attractive. So long summer, welcome September!

BF and I in Beaune, France last September… Perhaps we’ll explore another wine region this fall?


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