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Breaks & Barcelona

September 9, 2009

Days & nights are still long here in the world of Int’l Tax, however, I have found a marvelous way to cope with the stress:

Over my lunch & dinner breaks I research, inquire upon and plot adventures to exciting places like Barcelona, London, Paris and the Alsace region of France!

Today’s booking? A (hopefully) lovely apartment for our big 4 day sojourn to Barcelona in October. Although they will most certainly destroy any of the sympathy I had garnered with my stories of long hours, check out these pics of the place:




AND. My favorite part, floor to ceiling windows with a small balcony:


I’ll be sure to report back on whether or not the place lives up to the pictures…

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  1. Gretchen permalink
    September 11, 2009 5:56 pm

    Britt – Glad to see your doing well. Since you’re in that general area I thought I’d leave you with a place to visit. We spent our honeymoon there and our friend owns the place. It’s in a cute little town and there are lots of other places to drive to, plus it’s close (30ish minutes) to Nice and the beaches.

    You’d need a manual car to get up the hill though. In the spring time the flowers and orchard are blooming and it’s wonderful!

    Congrats on the engagement as well!


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