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Wedding Planning: The Plan

September 24, 2009

When last we left our confused and utterly torn heroine & hero, they were caught between a rock and a hard place.

Or rather an overcrowded place, a sandy place and an expensive place.

Fortunately, just  as the patience of their parents was about to expire, they were suddenly inspired. Lights went off. Bells rang.

leuven bell

(seriously, this little guy at on the top of the church in the Grote Markt rang the bell)

BF and I were sitting in our “happy place” – the Oude Markt in Leuven, listening to an impromptu concert by a group of friends armed with bongo drums, trumpets, acoustic guitars and a cymbal when a bride and groom walked past our table. Not THAT surprising – it was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in summer – you’d expect lots of newlyweds to be taking pictures around town. But then they sat down at one of the bars with their small wedding party and ordered a few drinks.

In American English.

I looked at BF. “Ahh! Why can’t that be us?”

He replied. “It’d be nice. Too bad our families aren’t here.”

[Then the bells rang.]

Suddenly, I remembered, “But Kels & Dave are going to be here in May for their honeymoon.”

BF: “I wonder if I could get my [immediate] family to make the trip? They’ve been talking about it…”

Me: “I bet I could rope my parents & Aud into coming. You think they’d all approve?”

BF: “But what about extended family? And friends? What’s the point of getting married without them?”

Me: “Yeah. I don’t know. Forget it. Can we get married on the beach now?”

BF: “NO. No beach. No.”

Me: “Wait. What if we have a beach wedding here? Minus the beach. I mean something small. But long. We could do a tour of Leuven. And the rehearsal dinner at our favorite restaurant. And the ceremony & reception in Leuven. Followed by drinks in the Old Markt. And a brewery tour the next day. Or maybe a chocolate tour? You know what I mean? And we could invite family & friends with the understanding that many couldn’t come so we do a big party back in the US as well? Something low key? Informal. Church ceremony followed by cake & champagne & drinks & dancing in a park or a backyard? Our extended family & friends could still be a part of our big moment and we could invite EVERYONE without the pressure (or expense!) of a formal wedding? Whatcha think?”

BF: “hmmm… that could work, kid. That could work.”


So that’s The Plan.

Our mad idea.

Our crazy way for a girl who is, at best, ambivalent about weddings to have TWO weddings.

Our crackpot scheme to have the best of both worlds.  An intimate ceremony in our personal fairytale town of Leuven. Days of showing our loved ones our favorite breweries and chocolates and cafes and parks and restaurants. Plus a casual, genuine, CELEBRATION with all of our important people back home in the US. A chance to say our vows in front of and dance with everyone.

Our attempt to keep our level of happiness with the whole process inversely proportional to the level of offense taken by family & friends.

Our way of getting married… in our own way.

We’re going to try and have our cake and eat it too. (Actually, make that TWO cakes!)
More details to follow. As we figure them out. We’re still in the planning stages of the plan.

Crazy kids. With crazier ideas.
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