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i have no idea where to start

October 19, 2009

Much has happened in the last week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks (!).

Went to Alsace. Had a minor Mini accident (again). Had a visit from the mom. Played a convincing tourist in London. Checked out Barcelona for a long weekend.

Obviously, none of this was without issue. There was a crying scene (or two) at the airport that led to me asking to see the manager of Ryan Air (yes, me! asked to see a manager! i didn’t believe it either when the words just popped out of my mouth…) There were baggage issues. And key issues. And bus issues. And passport forgetting issues (for the record, England is a different country than Belgium…).

Among other things.

So where to begin?

How about pictures & videos? Everyone likes those. As the only pictures/videos I have online at this point are the ones from Alsace, we’ll start there.

First things first. Alsace. Where is it? And why would anyone go there?

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