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Well that’s depressing

October 22, 2009

Lovely news from the wsj:

“Euro Tops $1.50”

“The returns on dollar assets, no matter how good they have been, are just not good enough relative to the returns you can get outside of the U.S.”

Although the article hints there is hope the dollar could get a boost as the global economy stabilizes, the overall outlook is grim.

This wouldn’t be THAT big a deal considering BF gets paid in Euros, BUT, we have a WEDDING to pay for in the next 8 months. If the Euro keeps strengthening that could translate into hundreds thousands of dollars of additional, empty expense.


p.s. something when pretty wrong with that last post. I wrote paragraphs and paragraphs of witty, entertaining prose. Complete with pictures. Stunning pictures. And video. Oh the video! Awesome, dancing Germans video. Sadly, none of it saved/posted. And the thought of redoing it right now is daunting. So… I’ll fix that this weekend and commence with wedding news for the remainder of this week!

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