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You mean you don’t hear German reggae on YOUR morning commute?

October 22, 2009

Somehow I’ve managed to hear this song on my way to work EVERY day this week. Various stations, various times, SAME song.

Same German Reggae song. Yes, German. Reggae.*

Fortunately for YOU, this morning it was played on a station that broadcasts songs in such a way that the title scrolls across the radio. Otherwise I would have no idea how to look it up and share it with you.

So here you go. On the off chance you haven’t heard the musical stylings of German wannabe Rastafarian Peter Fox on your morning commute, I’d like to present “Haus Am See.”**

* Well, slightly Reggae. Peter Fox calls himself a “hip hop/reggae” artist but this song is much less reggae-esque than many of his others. But. I find the whole idea of German Reggae so comical that I’m sticking with it…

** Haus Am See roughly means “House at the Lake” in German.

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