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Favorite Fruit of 2009: PERSIMMON aka Proof that I was deprived as a child.

November 24, 2009

I always knew that I was deprived as a child.

I’ve been convinced of it ever since an (equally) spoiled friend pointed out that her parents failed to buy her Barbie’s Dream House when she was 8.  How could she possibly have made it to double digits without a multi-level pink abode? One can only guess.

Unfortunately, finding proof of similar deprivation has been difficult. I had Barbie’s Dream house. And Barbie’s Corvette. And all those other things children need to grow up well adjusted and happy. I know I should be content with this situation, however, everyone knows that “well adjusted and happy” is downright boring. Do you know any exciting, accomplished, famous, interesting, genius type people that are both well adjusted AND happy.

Right. I didn’t think so.

So anyways, I’ve spent the last few months searching for something I could point to as an egregious example of deprivation.  Something that would allow me to say “Look! My parents were horrible too! I am scarred for life! Now give me a big advance for a memoir on my terribly difficult loving, secure, upper middle class upbringing.”

Well, wouldn’t you know, I stumbled right into the example I had been looking for on this otherwise dreary Tuesday morning. I squelched (the sky was the consistency of soup this morning and I took the train. but no umbrella. i’m an idiot.) into the kitchen area at work and… lo and behold was our weekly fruit basket. Amidst the standard apples and bananas were these odd orange things. They kind of resembled a pepper. But rounder. And softer. And not at all like peppers. I was confounded. “What ARE these??”

In the midst of my befuddlement, three of my coworkers came in – one from South Korean, one from Texas and one from Minnesota. They saw me and were about to comment on my amazingly frizzy, drippy state when they were distracted by the orange fruit. In chorus, they exclaimed:



“Persimmon! They’re sweet but with a slight tang. With the consistency of a mango. You can eat them like an apple and bite right through the skin or peel and eat just the fruit. They are the fruit of the gods. Haven’t you ever had one?? We used to eat them in the fall in Dallas.”

“…and in Minneapolis.”

“… and in Korea.”

“um. No. Missed out on that one.”

So we ate one and it was, in a word, divine. Sweet. Juicy. A consistency somewhere between melon and mango. Appealingly orange. A little sticky on the fingers but totally worth it.

“I CAN’T believe you’ve never had Persimmon! Clearly you were deprived as a child”

“Why YES. Yes I was.”

( so yes. to recap, Persimmon is AMAZING. It is by far my favorite fruit of 2009. Also. I was deprived as a child. I expect a book deal any day.)

Persimmon! <via wikipedia>

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