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What an, um, interesting idea?

January 13, 2010

I may or may not have logged, oh, 20+ hours in the past week researching, designing (and subsequently scrapping), pricing and obsessing over the perfect “Save the Date.”

Yes. That little card/magnet/picture that 90% of your guests will take one look at, go “Oh how cute!/How original!/Do we know them? Oh right! She’s on your mother’s side of the family” and then throw in the trash. If you are lucky they will make note of the date and try to save it, but let’s not fool ourselves. Outside of your mother, no one cares about those little cards as much as you do.

I know this. I do. And yet I can’t help myself. I have dreams of eco friendly paper. With hand letterpressing. And an original, whimsical design. Or maybe something in the shape of a luggage tag? Or designed like boarding passes? Or an elaborate faux passport with pages for travel information, maps of Leuven and directions on how to get a real passport? Something so wonderful that people will take one look at it and go “Wow! This is amazing! If they did this well with the Save the Date can you imagine how amazing the wedding will be? Date saved!”

Easy enough to do. Except for that pesky little matter of price. Yeah… we have a max. budget of about $1.00 per card. Which is why I’m fairly certain we’ll go the simple (and wallet friendly!) route and send out photo magnets or postcards (supplemented by a killer wedding website) but for now I’m keeping my options open.

However, I am not keeping my options THIS open…

This, uh, original couple took a different approach to the traditional “Save the Date.” They bypassed embossing and went straight for YouTube:

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