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You are still going on about those silly save the dates?

January 18, 2010

Why yes, yes I am.

You see, as a person whose job involves numbers, numbers and more numbers, I am somewhat starved for a creative outlet. In fact, if I get too creative in my job, I go to jail. (um, Enron anyone?)

Enter the save the dates/invitations/website/small details of a wedding. They are the perfect excuse to geek out on design websites & wedding blogs. To spend hours with Adobe (LightRoom, Photoshop, Illustrator). To spend hours scouring the internet for the most original & budget friendly paper suite. To obsess over a unifying “theme” and color palette. To try my hand at DIY projects.

And… to have a mini couples photoshoot.

Oh yes, you read that properly. A couples photoshoot. Ha! An event that was entirely my fault as I’m the one that came to the brilliant conclusion that our Save the Dates should include a picture of us. And not just any picture of us, one that met strict (and not altogether arbitrary criteria) determined by me:

– we both had to be looking at the camera

– we both had to look like we liked (not necessarily love, just like)  each other

– we both had to be in focus

– it could not be a picture from a college party (i.e. no basements or beer pong tables in view) or from a bar

We’ve been together nearly 6.5 years. You’d think we’d have a plethora of photos to choose from. False. So false. When this criteria was applied we came up with exactly ONE picture. ONE! From New Years Eve 2007!

Which simply would not do. So we (read: I) decided to take some pictures in and around the venue we’ve selected for the wedding. The only catch was that we had no one to help us with this task. Thus it was BF + me + BF’s spiffy camera + a tripod. Awesome.

We took approximately 75 pictures.

But there were self timer problems:

Hard to tell from this size, but BF was in the middle of saying “did it take?” Turns out it did.

And wind problems:

I don’t know if you can see it, but I am poking BF’s eyes out with my hair.

And where did the light go? problems:

From Begijnhof

Which left us with TWO usable shots. 2/75 = 2.6% success rate. Lovely. The two below are in contention for the honor of “Save the Date Picture” as they scored high in “staring at the camera-ness” and “looking like we don’t want to kill each other-ness.” And, most importantly, neither of them have beer bottles in the background:

From Begijnhof
You wouldn’t believe how fast he sprinted to get into this shot in time.
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