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Moving on to April

April 8, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care much for March in Belgium.

In Pittsburgh/Cleveland you get extremes during the often temperamental month. Fierce snow storms are followed by hail and flooding which then segue into 70 degree weather and sun.

Around these parts, March lacks conviction. As with the past two years, it was decidedly “bleh.” A smidge of rain that would rather frizz your hair than give you a good soaking, a brief flirt with snowfall.

So, I skipped March. Just went through the motions at work and around the house. Took a little vacation south but otherwise did nothing worthy of reporting.

Moving on to April.

There is much to get done (and get excited over) in the remaining 22 days of this fine, flowering month. Including…

Band of Horses Concert, April 9th at the Orangerie. I’ve loved this band for quite awhile and I’m pretty excited to see them live. Check them out here.

If you don’t recognize their name, I’m sure you’ll recognize this song and remember that you love them too!

Cycling or running through the Hallerbos. A park? Trail? Not sure what to call the area in Halle, Belgium (just south of Brussels) which features a carpet of bluebells in spring. I’ve never been myself but I hear it is magical. BF and I (well, really just I) decided an April visit would be a perfect way to trick ourselves into exercising.

Pic of the bluebells I found via wild wonders of europe:

If you are in Belgium and interested in running/cycling the forest, has a  route mapped out all convenient like.

– Mumford & Sons Concert April 20th in Tourcoing, France. This band is relatively new to me – I discovered them via the unfailing StudioBrussel ( – it’s almost as good as which is the highest endorsement I can give a radio station) a bit ago and jumped on the chance to see them live. Even if this live performance means driving for over an hour.

Their site  is here and my favorite song is below:

I dare you to listen and NOT be willing to drive an hour to see them in concert…

– Wedding Craziness – Lots and lots to accomplish in April. Have to nail down the menu for the reception, finalize plans for the Saturday of Fun (TM) in Bruges, meet with the florist, do a dress fitting(s), get BF’s suit, find and meet with a priest, start picking music, take dance lessons, decide whether or not we want a band/quartet/musician for the ceremony and cocktail hour and… um… other stuff. Like exercise until we can’t move. At all.

Oh dear, I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it. And excited.

So yes, April will be showering concerts, exercise and wedding planning around our neck of the woods…

Hopefully April showers bring nothing but fun in yours 🙂

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