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“Have you seen my passport?”

June 30, 2010

Part 2 of the “Wedding and Other Happy Disasters” Series…

Where were we?

Oh, that’s right. BF and I had just conquered the Red Tape Demons and were relaxing at home.

Tuckered out from the emotional roller coaster incited by watermarked, translated, apostilled, kissed, blessed and deified papers proving that we were in fact born, I passed out around 9pm.

At 3am the local rooster started crowing.With 6 hours of snoozing logged, I struggled to fall back asleep and came up with the brilliant plan of hopping online and watching a show or something to tire my eyes.

Tv/video site wasn’t loading so I – stupidly – checked facebook. (New rule, NEVER check facebook after 3am.)

And saw a status post from my older sister that said she was worried for her youngest sister.

Did a quick reading comprehension check. Older sister is worried about younger sister. I am the middle sister. Youngest = Kelsey. Worried = bad news. Me = heart attack.

So I email, facebook message, gchat, IM, text, skype and call. Either no answer or busy signal. What on earth is going on??

Apparently a lot.

Around 5am my older sister graciously sent me an email informing me of the following events:

That evening – 2 days before they were set to fly over to Belgium – Kelsey and Dave, my brother-in-law, decided to be semi-proactive and pack for the trip.

“Clothes? Check.”

“Shoes? Check.”

“Books? Check.”

“Passports? Check… wait. Um, where’s Dave’s? We have Kelsey’s. But not Dave’s.”

Now, for the slow kids in the back, let me just point out that this was a problem. Flights to countries outside the U.S. requires a passport. Belgium is outside the U.S.

From the moment the passport was listed as “missing” all hell broke loose. Drawers, closets, beds, cabinets, sofas… even the trash was torn apart. Items declared lost a decade ago were found, but no passport. (In the “important documents” box where they thought the passport was being protected were crayons and some lovely artwork drawn by my niece. The working theory is that she found his and either hid it really good or threw it out.)

So. International flight in 2 days. No passport. At this point you have 2 options: cancel the trip or get a rush passport. As option 1 was unacceptable, a rush job was the only choice.

What’s needed for a rush job? A… wait for it (I loved this part of the story!)…  birth certificate! Did Dave have a birth certificate handy? Of course not. It was also lost.

Fortunately, Dave was born in Ohio and not some far away state like California, so he hopped in a car with my dad and the two drove 3 hours to Columbus for a new birth certificate. (side note: what on earth is the Ohio department of records going to do for business now that we are all set with our certificates?)  As they were pretty familiar with document retrieval by this point, the process went smoothly and they turned around and went home.

So. T-8 hours or something until the flight out of Pittsburgh. They’ve got the birth certificate. Now what?

Due to flight times or office hours or processing requirements or miscellaneous annoying-ness, they decide the best – and only – course of action is to have Kelsey catch the original flight out of Pittsburgh the next morning. The flight has a layover in Philly. So Dave and my dad will drive the 7 hours to Philly and get to the passport office when it opens at 8am. Get a new passport and catch the Philly to Brussels leg of the flight. My dad will drive the 7 hours back home and everyone will breathe again.

Miraculously, it went exactly as planned. Kels caught the flight. My dad and Dave made the drive without issue. Got the passport with time to spare. Had lunch in Philly. Dave reunited with Kels on the way to Brussels and my dad made it safely back home. Where my mother remembered how to exhale and inhale at a normal rate.

And I finally fell back asleep.

Dave celebrating his passport-retrieval with Rocky in Philly. (Pardon the photo quality, captured with my Dad's blackberry)

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  1. June 30, 2010 9:48 am

    if this was in a tv show I’d think it’s been too far fetched 😉

  2. Anonymous permalink
    July 3, 2010 1:41 am

    I believe this is when Kels almost killed her husband……

    but AMAZING trip after all the craziness!

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