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If nothing else it was authentic.

July 23, 2010

(Part 4 of the “Wedding and Other Happy Disasters” Series)

From the outset, Boyfriend* and I had a few priorities when it came to the wedding.  In the midst of our many ups and downs – cake baker can’t fit us in for a tasting? we have to pick a cake at $10/slice by reading descriptions of the flavors?????!!! – I clung to these goals. Focused on them to the exclusion of all the minor details in the hope that, if accomplished, our guests would leave thinking, “You know, that was fun. Worth the trip, even.”

So, what were our aims for the wedding?

1. QUALITY time with our families.

2. AUTHENTIC and FUN European experience for our guests – many of whom had never been abroad.

3. FABULOUS food.

4. PRETTY pictures that captured the day. How it felt. The people that shared it. Pictures of the artsy, organic, un-posed, full of light variety.

5. Get hitched. (No small feat given our experiences…)

Were we successful? Though we may have failed in Martha Stewart Wedding’s eyes, did we at least do well in our own?

I guess it depends on who you ask. I thought our rehearsal dinner appetizer of Belgian beef with king crab and asparagus in a light curry sauce was divine while my new l11 year old ittle sister in law was less than impressed.

However. One area where there is no room for debate is whether or not we gave our guests an authentic European experience.

The ladies learned how to navigate on cobblestone:

From wedding

Everyone had a chance to “terrask” (a Belgian slang word – at least, I believe it’s slang – that refers to sitting on a terrace and enjoying the evening)”:

The boys gained a few pointers on European restroom etiquette:

Everyone sampled the local brews:

And learned how to sleep on trains:


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  1. July 27, 2010 7:13 am

    another stunning picture

    seems you had your priorities right for the wedding! I’m sure you’ve succeeded in those

    How did you manage to get a rehearsal dinner in the Faculty Club??? did you simply go for dinner in the regular restaurant or did you truly get a rehearsal dinner? We never rehearse in Belgium (neither do we pre-taste cake :p…I saw your comment in the other post. We truly chose our entire menu based on descriptions and trusted the Faculty club’s reputation).

    • brittspencer permalink*
      July 27, 2010 1:38 pm

      Yes, those things were a success 🙂 Overall, a hundred things went against plan but a million other (unplanned!) things were incredible and made us forget the rest! I just haven’t had a chance to talk about those yet…

      As for a rehearsal dinner, the one I was referring to above was at Zarza’s in Leuven (amazing!). The purpose isn’t so much to “rehearse” but to have a dinner with your wedding party/family the night before the wedding and just celebrate as a close group.

      As for the Faculty Club, it was actually after reading YOUR posts that I relaxed and stopped worrying about the menu and food! So thanks 🙂

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