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October 7, 2010

Hey. Check me out. Three posts in 10 days. This may be a record for me.

Although. Does it count if one of the three posts was semi-unfinished? Not that buying flowers isn’t a noteworthy event, it is for me, BUT, I actually had more planned for last weekend. Saturday marked the annual “Nuite Blanche” in Brussels, a full night of arts and events and general revelry that I’ve been wanting to attend for the last 2.5 years. Totally wanted to write a bit about that.

Unfortunately, my post ended up being a little more finished than I would have liked.

You see, the highlight of the weekend ended up being buying flowers. And this is not because the fantastic Young Amadeus Floral Shop was more fun than the rumored awesomeness of Nuite Blanche. No, it’s because it was a rainy, cold Saturday in Belgium AND BF & I spent the weekend working and cleaning. And then working some more.

Now, for various reasons, I am placing the blame for our failure to have fun on my failure to make a proper list for the weekend. Perhaps if I had written NUITE BLANCHE across various mediums – blog, email, the chalkboard in our kitchen – we would have gone.

So. As I am very into learning from my mistakes, I am going to be proactive for my little trip home and begin my MUST-Do List for the 4 days I’m in the U.S.:

MUST-DO While Home:

1. Visit with family & friends (duh).

2. Drink my weight in apple cider & pumpkin spice coffee/lattes.

3. Gather supplies for the big Halloween party we are planning in Belgium (So, a proper Halloween costume as well as candy corn)

4. Update my wardrobe a bit. (I recently realized that 70% of my clothes are from college, 5% are from high school and 1% can not be traced.) Not okay. At least a few new purchases are of particular importance at the moment as I am suffering from “Newlyweight Syndrome,” a terrible disease whereby newlyweds gain back all the weight they lost for their wedding PLUS 10-15 lbs. It’s kind of awful. I’m considering demoting Boyfriend back to being my actual boyfriend as I’ve heard that helps you lose 20 lbs. in an instant. Although. I can’t imagine the paperwork involved in that… Perhaps I should just start exercising? That’s probably easier.

5. Go to a pumpkin patch & apple orchard with Baby J & whoever else would like to go with me.

6. Get pumpkin spice cream cheese from Einstein’s.

7. Start working on my top-secret, super awesome Christmas presents.

8. Help Kels unpack/organize/decorate her NEW. HOUSE.

** I realize that if I check off all of the items on this list I may turn into a pumpkin, but that is a risk I am willing to take.




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