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in Review: October

November 3, 2010

Once again, the months are sailing past. Despite my request for a “Pause” around the 15th, October kept up its breakneck speed and now we are to November.

Although there are many exciting things in store for November – a long weekend in London, for example – October was so lovely, it deserves a proper memoriam. A recap, if you will.

Here goes.


The first weekend in October featured some standard Saturday shopping in Leuven. BF accompanied me on this sojourn and was not only patient but helpful and enthusiastic while I shopped for flowers. We went to not one but three different shops looking for the perfect bouquet. When we finally found it, he both paid for and carried my chosen pot throughout town. Amazing! [Full disclosure: BF’s birthday was November 1st and he admits he may or may not have been campaigning for certain birthday presents…]

Here was the winner:

From October

2. Champagne!

October 9th-11th was spent leisurely sampling the fruits of Champagne, France. Namely, the amazing food and bubbly famous throughout the world. Very cool, yes, but what was even better was being able to do it with my friends from Belgium and Melissa, my friend since high school who recently moved to London (yay for old friends on the continent!).

I hope to share more details later, but for now here are some pics:

I really need to thank the hiring partner for letting me work with them. Makes life so much more fun.
Janey, Me and the famous Melissa
Grapes + a little magic leads to….

3. Birthday!

It was my 27th birthday on the 12th and, for the first time in our 7+ year relationship, BF pulled out all the stops. He started off the morning with *wrapped* presents (another first!) from my favorite store in Leuven, Louvaniste, that included super cute teacups and bowls so that we could have a birthday breakfast in style.  He then made me coffee and cereal, drove me to work, picked me up and, when I walked in the door after work he presented me with MORE presents (awesome candles with giraffes on them and this great blackboard – all from Louvaniste) and surprised me with news that he made reservations. Yes, let me state that again. BF. MADE. RESERVATIONS. And not just any reservations, he secured us two spots at this amazing place in Leuven we had only just heard about called Luzine. Spectacular would be an understatement. Easily one of the top 3 dining experiences of my life. Easily.You know what else is an understatement? To say that I had my work cut out for me for BF’s birthday…

So yeah, 27 started off well…

4. Family, Friends & Pumpkins

As always, I had a wonderful time at home. Admittedly, it was a bit of an odd trip in that I wasn’t there for any specific reason. No weddings to attend. No holidays to celebrate. No work trainings to grace with my presence. Instead, I was home because I could be. I had vacation days to spare and a free flight via my “home leave.” My little sister bought a new house and I wanted to help with that process somehow, some way, even if it was just unpacking some boxes. My big sister bought a new car and I wanted to see that. My friends were flying in from all over – Miami, Arkansas – for our friend’s housewarming party/mini-reunion and I wanted to be there too. Besides, Pumpkin Spice Lattes were available at Starbucks. Needed to get me some of those.

Anyways, as mentioned, it was great to be home. I had lots of quality family & friend time and loaded up on every type of pumpkin imaginable! It was just a bit strange to be there for a normal weekend. Whatever. Look at the pictures 🙂

Breakfast at King’s (American-Style Belgian waffles! Yum!) with Grandma, Jordan and Pap Pap!
Mini-Reunion at the Davis household…

5. Halloween!
My Aunt Kim mentioned that before coming back home (to America) for good, it should be our goal to establish Halloween as a holiday throughout Europe. Well, we couldn’t agree more and, at the moment, we have adopted this as our mission. Our Halloween party this year was a step in the right direction – everyone came in costume – however, there was a glaring lack of trick-or-treaters. Perhaps next year?
For now, I’m just going to bask in the success of this year:

BF went as a “windy guy” – from the right angle his tie, scarf and jacket appeared caught in a breeze.
Tastefully costumed girls. True sign of growing up if ever there was one…
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