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I’m Out of Kluski Noodles

April 25, 2008

Which means it’s time to go home.

I’ve eaten the 10 bags of Kluski Noodles my mom secretly stashed on my container. As I’ve yet to find them in a single grocery store here in Belgium, I must go home to restock.

Fortunately, this Kluski noodle emergency just happens to coincide with some family events. I’ll be able to attend a Baptism for what I hear is the cutest baby around AND I’ll be just in time for the big sister’s spiffy new house party (and help her pack/unpack the high items as the ‘big’ sister is rather short) AND I’ll get to see the cousin’s positively *sparkingling* engagement ring!

alksdjf;a;owdsalkgj!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!! It’s almost unhealthy.

It’s been 3 months since I waved goodbye to everyone at the Pittsburgh airport. Well, 11 weeks, 6 days and 9 hours.

12 weeks and 12 hours since I had a round of drinks with friends.

12 weeks, 1 day and 8 hours since I had a proper dinner and gossip session with the girls.

But who’s counting?

I mean, things here are fine. I just wasn’t prepared for the homesickness. I thought I was immune to such afflictions. But – walking around town, hearing strange languages and knowing that THAT is my reality for the next THREE YEARS – it’s taken a bit to get my head around the whole thing. If it weren’t for BF, I would have caught the first flight back to Pittsburgh exactly 11 weeks ago.

However, since BF’s arrival, my homesickness, depression and general loathing towards the city of Brussels (Leuven is just too cute & friendly to hate), the country of Belgium and the entire European continent has mostly disappeared. I still miss my family & friends, but this has finally subsided to a dull ache rather than an ever present longing. 

Thank goodness.

For example, when I see a group of girls hanging out and laughing at a cafe I no longer feel the need to walk over, flip over the table and spill coffee all over their perfect European outfits & haircuts. Although the desire to sit down and  share in the gossip – regardless of the language said gossip is in – remains, I feel I am making progress.

And whenever I see mothers & daughters & sisters shopping while the dad trails behind – one eye on the credit card in his daughter’s hand the other scouting pubs where he can wait out the spending storm, I am able to restrain from rushing up and disrupting their day or turning down a side street and sobbing uncontrollably. Instead, I just make a mental note of their activities for when my family comes in the fall. See? Totally improving.

But now – just 22 hours until I hop on a plane HOME. Gah! I’m about 12 times as excited as I was when I first came to Europe. It’s so weird.

In case anyone is curious, here are the random things I am excited to do over the 9 glorious days that will be spent in the U.S.:

1. Make many trips to Target where I will bask in the joy that comes from using the DOLLAR and purchasing stylish goods at bargain prices.

2. Trips to Giant Eagle at 1am. Simply because I can.

3. Wear boot cut jeans and hoodies and t-shirts out in public and not get ‘she must be homeless or blind’ looks.

4. Stock up on skinny jeans, flats, boots, spring dresses and jackets so I don’t get so many ‘she must be homeless or blind’ looks from the people in Belgium.

5. Get my hair done so I don’t get so many ‘she must be homeless or blind’ looks from everyone that sees me.

6. Drink vats of coffee in to go cups.

7. Eat bagels for breakfast.

8. Watch Grey’s with Kels & Mom. (actually, just watching tv shows on a tv will be pretty cool)

9. Get free refills on everything from coffee to pop.

10. Pay less than $1.50 for a CAN of DIET coke. (not ‘Coca Cola Light’)

11. Get water with lemon for FREE at restaurants.

12. Speak English without feeling awkward or stupid.

13. Drive around town with the confidence that I a) know where I’m going and b) know ALL of the road signs and laws.

14. Get my clothes washed and dry cleaned for less than the original cost of the items.

15. Use a dishwasher and a garbage disposal and throw empty pop cans in the recycling bin without worrying about the bag being rejected.

16. Play ball with Buddy.

17. Watch proper sports. Like the Cavs and Pens and Indians and Pirates games LIVE.

18. Be able to talk (and not TYPE) to people that like me (or at least will pretend to like me when they see the goodies I’ve brought them…)

Oh, and I suppose I’m excited to see a few people… the ones who just need to pick up and move to Belgium so that my homesickness is cured… they know who they are.

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  1. April 27, 2008 5:34 pm

    Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time via Facebook, and I thought I’d leave a comment saying I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, and enjoy the ‘burgh!

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